Cape Cod Building Remodeling, Restoration, Property Management, Landscaping, and fine Millwork.

Historic Restorations

Many homes on Cape Cod are centuries old. These homes require special care and the expertise of master craftsmen who honor the house-building techniques of the past while assuring today’s efficiencies and performance. Houses built before the 1900’s were erected mostly by ship builders and their apprentices.

Not every builder today has the experience of E. J. Jaxtimer Builder, Inc. to preserve the structural integrity and also add functional design to your historic home. Our millwork division evolved because we required authentic reproductive details and finishes for the antique properties we were renovating. Antique and historical homes require a specialized permitting process. E.J. Jaxtimer Builder, Inc. has the experience to secure your specialty permits and represent your needs.

Please contact us when you have a renovation project for your historic home, including:

  • interior remodeling
  • replacement/creation of built-ins
  • banister replacement/staircase renovations
  • floor replacement
  • fireplace/hearth renovations
  • chimney replacement/repair
  • roof repair and maintenance
  • window and door replacement
  • shingles, facing and trim