in their words

Betsy Campo (Homepage)

E.J. and his employees are stellar individuals: talented, professional, courteous and friendly – and E.J. himself works tirelessly for his customers and for his community. I recommend most whole-heartedly!

Betsy Campo

Betsy Campo (Building)

We have been devoted customers to E.J. for at least two decades. He has steadfastly provided the highest level of service possible – from conceptualizing about a prospective project to the final flourish. E.J. has tremendous vision and clarity when talking through an idea for a project. Recently his crew of craftsmen transformed our bat-infested and claustrophobic attic into a spacious and light-filled work space. A large and modern kitchen was similarly created out of a rabbit-warren of pantries and larders. Our home is an “antique”, with sloping ceilings and floors and asymmetrical walls; excruciating attention to detail was needed in order to have a smooth finish.

Betsy Campo

Betsy Campo (Landscaping)

Not only have we hired E.J. as our builder, but we use his landscape services. In conjunction with a kitchen project, a beautiful walled garden was created. It is now the focal point of our yard, where we gather for meals, barbeque, etc. The landscape crew is wonderful.

Betsy Campo

Cathy Papadellis (Landscaping)

We were first introduced to E.J. Jaxtimer over ten years ago through the landscaping division upon a recommendation from friends.  Rob Kennedy and his landscape team are a pleasure to work with and our yard always looks great!  From weekly to seasonal lawn maintenance, to major landscaping projects, which included a backyard patio and outdoor grill pavilion, to a front yard redesign after construction, Rob delivers on time and within budget.  He is always willing to discuss design options and offer suggestions before beginning a project on your schedule, including evenings and weekends.  Most importantly, we really use and enjoy our outdoor living areas thanks to Rob and the landscape crew at E.J. Jaxtimer.

Cathy Papadellis

Cathy Papadellis (Millwork)

Our favorite part of the projects we have done with E.J. Jaxtimer is the design process.  Over the past ten years, we have worked with E.J. and his construction team to expand a kitchen and family room including; custom cabinetry and teak and holly countertops crafted by Chris Rugg

Cathy Papadellis

Cathy Papadellis (Renovations)

We have had several projects done by E.J. In the past we have upgraded a three season sun room, remodeled three bathrooms including a master bath suite, renovated an unfinished basement into an in-home gym, and designed a garage restoration to include a great room.


Cathy Papadellis (Renovations)

Cathy Papadellis (Renovations 2)

Tina Fortier is always available to guide us through the design process, answering any questions we may have regarding budgeting, product information, and scheduling concerns.

Cathy Papadellis (Renovations)

Cathy Papadellis (Employee)

E.J. Jaxtimer stands out for us because of both the quality of construction and the people who deliver on the multiple projects they have completed for us.  Everyone associated with the Jaxtimer team is professional, friendly and knowledgeable in their craft.  You truly get the sense that this is the way they would do the work if they were doing it in their own homes.

Cathy Papadellis

Cathy Papadellis (Project Management)

We have used their property management service for the past several years.  Mike Johnson cares as much about our home as we do, maybe even a bit more!  We are completely confident with their property management team and wouldn’t trust our home to anyone else.

Cathy Papadellis

Jeff Horten (Homepage)

We have always had a very positive experience and I have already recommended Jaxtimer to several Cape associates. We love our house and I think we’ll feel the same way in 20 years as we do today. We made a very good choice in choosing E.J. Jaxtimer as our builder!

Jeff Horten

Jeff Horten (Homepage 2)

We evaluated four very capable builders and selected E.J. Jaxtimer because the quality was evident in the homes we visited (that Jaxtimer had built) and the values that E.J. embraces in giving back to the community are in line with the values my wife and I strongly believe in as well.

Jeff Horten

Jeff Horten (Building)

The construction project was our first and most likely our last hands on experience in building a home. The Jaxtimer team was professional and very helpful in educating us on the ins and outs of the process. Even with that help we were not prepared for the landslide of “choices” that we had to entertain in each phase of the process. The Jaxtimer team was patient and very helpful in presenting options along with pro’s and con’s to consider.

Jeff Horten

Jeff Horten (Building 2)

My construction project was more than just a house. It represented a culmination of 30+ years of saving the money necessary to fund the construction project. It also represented a lifetime of accumulated desires around our “ideal” house, and those desires could now come to life. 30 years is a long time!

Jeff Horten

Jeff Horten (Building 3)

My architect did a great job of crafting the build docs, but there were still instances where special realities had to be reinterpreted and modified. Again, the Jaxtimer team was very effective in bringing their expertise to my aid to help in those “configuration” tweaks as they arose. I felt they had my best interest in mind. I felt they understood the importance of this house to my wife and I, and I appreciated that genuine concern.

We had a few bumps along the way. Each was handled correctly and resolutions were always found.

Jeff Horten

Kathy & Michael Marchese (Renovations)

When my husband and I purchased our home several years ago, the hard choice was whether to tear it down or renovate. The easy choice was the builder: E.J. Jaxtimer Builder was not our only option, but it certainly was our only choice. Since we ultimately decided to renovate nearly every foot of our house, we needed a company that would be sensitive to the special aspects of our antique home, while also giving us the updated conveniences and style that we wanted to incorporate. They responded with “Yes, we can” to every request with patience, and worked hard to solve complicated problems. We couldn’t have been more pleased.

Kathy & Michael Marchese

Lisa Mudrick (Renovations)

We had a great experience working with E.J. Jaxtimer and his team for an extensive cape house renovation. E.J. was highly recommended to us by our architect Patrick Ahearn. From start to finish, E.J. and his team were professional, diligent and performed high quality work with great attention to detail. They were responsive throughout the project and helped with guidance through many difficult decisions. The work site was as close to immaculate as one can be. Despite the fact that we were not able to check on the progress daily because we were not local, the team was on time and completed projects when promised. We highly recommend E.J. and team.

Lisa Mudrick

Michele Walker (Landscaping)

Since our first project with E.J. six years ago we have done another great “mini” project of a garden construction and the renovation of an outbuilding using repurposed materials such as windows, doors, flooring and barnwood. The landscape division and the carpenters worked with me to develop my idea for a “secret garden” and we turned it into reality together. Subcontractors working alongside the landscape team and the builders did a really superb job. The landscape staff continues to maintain both our home, landscape and our secret garden.

Michele Walker

Michele Walker (Renovations and Homepage)

I met E.J. Jaxtimer about 12 years ago when we were looking to a buy a home that needed a major renovation. I wanted to get a contractor to look at it and give me some professional advice. I had only heard of E.J.’s reputation through some friends and acquaintances. We had never met, but he agreed to meet me and look over the house and property. He gave me some ballpark numbers, his personal opinions, showed me other houses he was working on to give me an idea of the caliber of work they did. E.J. was very professional, accommodating, and very engaging. He has a very happy smile! The work done on the homes he showed me was impeccable, beautiful craftsmanship, exquisite woodworking.” But, we didn’t buy that house.

Michele Walker

Michele Walker (Renovations and Homepage 2)

Several years later after our initial meeting with E.J., we called him. Once again he was very accommodating and friendly. We hired him to renovate our “dream cottage”. Having done several other house renovations, I like to be very involved in the project. I would visit the site every few weeks to check on progress and to make decisions as needed. I’d to meet with E.J. and his staff, they always seemed happy to see me. His crew was terrific. Our project manager was with us at every step of the way, helping with decisions and providing options. We had an amazing working relationship. His carpenters were perfectionists, his subs were all very responsive. The job site was always neat and clean (which is extremely important I realized having experienced some renovations that were not). E.J. met our move-in date for a planned family reunion and the house turned out to be perfect!

Michele Walker

Michele Walker (Building)

E.J.’s construction staff continues to be available to us whenever the need arises for something that needs attention or even something special! It’s great to know you’ve got a partner in E.J. He’s always willing to help.

We rented for the next few years until we found “the perfect” house and location. A summer cottage without heat or air, no basement, windows falling apart, but we loved it!

Michele Walker

Mike Champa (Peer Testimonial)

EJ Jaxtimer has become the premier builder on the Cape. His talented group of professionals takes care of all the details and executes flawlessly. Whether you are building a home from scratch or doing a simple renovation, EJ and his team will provide the highest quality at competitive prices with a level of service that will exceed your expectations. All this plus EJ’s extensive charitable work on the Cape makes him not only a good builder but a good citizen whom you can be proud to do business with.

Mike Champa

Patrick Ahearn Architect LLC (Peer Testimonial)

Our office has completed a number of successful projects over the years with EJ Jaxtimer Builder from new homes to delicate historic restorations. In every case, EJ and his team have been wonderful to work with. They are exceptional at managing complicated projects with an attention to detail that is second to none. They truly respect the process and design professionals involved and are committed to providing the finest quality product. We always look forward to working with EJ Jaxtimer on future projects.

Patrick Ahearn Architect LLC

Patrick MeLampy (Property Management and Building)

When we moved to Osterville, our real estate agent recommended E.J. Jaxtimer for help in managing our property. The responsiveness and family oriented nature of E.J. Jaxtimer was very unique and established a bond of trust. We have completed three construction projects with the Jaxtimer’s, and all have met or exceeded expectations for quality, and on-time performance. The Jaxtimer’s also have very strong vendor/supplier relationships which are essential in getting big projects completed on time. The Jaxtimer’s also worked seamlessly with our interior designer and architects with no issues.

For me a family run business with deep roots on Cape Cod makes E.J. Jaxtimer the builder of choice.

Patrick MeLampy

Michele Reardon (Remodel)

Michele and I share a common view of the work of E.J. Jaxtimer. In a word, “awesome”. During our past 50 years, we have lived in various parts of the country and have built or added onto numerous homes. On the Cape, we were fortunate to remodel and construct substantial additions onto two older, charming Cape homes. In both cases, though a few years apart, we used E.J. Jaxtimer and have been ecstatic with the results. The creativity and craftsmanship, in our experience, were unparalleled. Moreover, working with E.J. and his team of professionals both on and off of the job, is a joy!”

Michele Reardon