Hillside Garden ~ Hyannis Port


Hillside Garden ~ Hyannis Port

 A 2018 BRICC GOLD AWARD for Excellence in Landscape/Garden Design over $50k.

Working with a topography change of 20 feet from the backyard to the front yard, the landscape for this family home utilizes walls and sloped banks to form level areas for lounging and gardening. A set of landscape steps are incorporated into planted terraces, which creates a nice transition between the lower garage level and the first-floor front door. They also visually minimize the grade change and function as oversized raised beds for the homeowners to garden in. 

The biggest challenge was getting the stones just right to reflect the warm sandy color of the Cape Cod beaches. “The homeowners had a very specific vision and, working closely with them, changes to the materials of the hard and softscape were continuously made throughout the project to bring their vision to a stunning reality,” says Jaxtimer Landscape Construction Manager J.J. Friel, who worked with Bernice Wahler Associates on the project.

Content provided by Jaxtimer Landscaping, LLC, Bernice Wahler Landscapes, Cape Cod Home Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket Magazine 2019 Annual Guide.

Project Partners: Jaxtimer Landscaping, LLC, Joyce Landscaping and Bernice Wahler Landscapes

Photography by: Dan Cutrona Photography